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Founded in France in 1944, Onduline, a company specializing in light roofing systems, has continued to evolve and expand its product ranges.

Its expertise and numerous innovations have enabled it to become the world leader in lightweight roofing solutions. After several strategic acquisitions to strengthen its international presence and expand its offer, Onduline was at the origin of the Ondura group, created in 2021.

Onduline was founded in France in the 1940s with the introduction of its first innovation of the same name: a solution for roofs and sub-roofs based on recycled cellulose fibers, impregnated with bitumen to make them waterproof. . The company has since extended its activity to more technical solutions, such as lighting and facades, waterproofing membranes, under-roof screens… Over the past 80 years, Onduline has developed rapidly through Europe and then on all continents to become a major international player with a single objective: to protect buildings and their occupants in all weathers.

Recognized for their very strong wind resistance, Onduline solutions are also very light and easy to install. Their ability to significantly reduce the noise of driving rain compared to metal roofs has also contributed to their success, particularly in tropical countries. Onduline today achieves a turnover in France of 50 M euros. The products are distributed in the largest professional distribution chains and large DIY stores.

The world leader in lightweight roofing solutions offers a range of solutions for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Covering of housing or shelters, garages, children’s huts, workshops, patios, carports…, Onduline products adapt successfully to many layouts. Whether individual houses, small collectives, public or private, industrial or agricultural buildings, anywhere in the world, Onduline offers high-level performance, easy implementation and exemplary longevity.


State-of-the-art natural lighting solutions manufactured in Comines (59)

ONDUCLAIR® sheets are manufactured in France at the Onduline production plant in Comines (59). Combining attractive cost, ease and speed of implementation, thermal performance, resistance (to fire, impact and UV), durability and respect for the environment, they are perfect for many projects: industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, buildings commercial, tertiary, private and establishments open to the public (ERP).

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