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Breakthrough approach to solid-state batteries will break down barriers to transportation electrification

LEUVEN, Belgium, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SOLiTHOR, the new spin-off of imec, a partner in European energy R&D innovation hub EnergyVille, is leading the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative solar cell technology. solid state lithium (Li) batteries to deliver high energy storage solutions reliably and economically. SOLiTHOR raised €10 million in a seed round led by imec.xpand and backed by a strong investment syndicate including LRM, Nuhma and FPIM. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to develop the technology needed to further electrify our transportation industry, with solutions that address today’s issues of range, performance, longevity, and safety.

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Solid state batteries aim to take the performance of conventional battery systems to the next level in terms of energy density, charging speed, weight and volume. Imec has been investing for 10 years in new technologies to further improve the performance of solid-state batteries, while offering components that allow an assembly process that is more compatible with conventional Li-ion battery assembly lines.

Huw Hampson Jones, founder and CEO of SOLiTHOR, said: “SOLiTHOR’s technology is unique and is based on revolutionary chemistry and components: the solid composite nanoelectrolyte and the nano-anode, developed in the EnergyVille laboratories and patented by imec . This revolutionary technology will improve energy density, charging speeds and, most importantly, safety, and will be much easier to manufacture than other solid state batteries. The research and development program will be led by Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Fanny Barde, a seasoned expert in battery technology, in collaboration with imec’s R&D teams. »

“We are delighted to see SOLiTHOR bring some of our most promising technologies to market. We believe that SOLiTHOR is on the right track to unleash the great potential of this technology for society: contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint through increased electrification of our transport and contributing to the strategic positioning and independence of Europe.Europe in the energy sector. SOLiTHOR will impact our local economy through the planned establishment of manufacturing operations to serve its customers globally,” said Olivier Rousseaudirector of business development at imec.

“Imec.xpand helps create innovative technology companies that have the potential to become global players by disrupting the field in which they operate. SOLiTHOR is the perfect example of an ambitious company in an area of ​​strategic importance for the region and the continent,” said imec.xpand partner Peter Vanbekbergen.

SOLiTHOR has the ambition to become a world leader in solid state battery technology. It intends to become a key supplier in the European battery value chain and aims to make a strong contribution to European exports by supplying global markets and to the decarbonisation of society.


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