Smart screen: Google expands free sleep monitoring

Google Smart Screen Sleep Monitoring

When you sleep badly, you quickly wonder why. Google’s Nest Hub smart display wants to bring answers from the bedside table – and it’s free at first.

Berlin – Owners of a second generation Google Nest Hub will be able to continue using the built-in sleep monitor for free in 2023, reports the IT specialist portal “”.

Originally, Google had planned to make the sleep function on the smart screen, launched in 2021, pay from 2022. But the free phase was later extended.

Sleep monitoring: from 2024, only against payment of a subscription

Google only wants to take the step of charging for sleep monitoring in 2024. The feature should then be part of the Fitbit Premium subscription, which currently costs 9 euros per month or 80 euros per year. The Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) itself costs $100.

Sleep analysis on the Nest Hub goes through a radar sensor that measures breathing. This makes it possible to document sleep patterns, including possible disturbing factors such as coughing or snoring. dpa

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