Sleeve. A motorist drives without insurance and exceeds 170 km / h – Angers Info

The prefect of the sleeve takes stock of traffic violations. More than 320 offenses were recorded, including five speeding over 40 km/h. One of these speeding exceeded 170 km/h instead of 110 km/h.

323 offenses were recorded this weekend on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May. Among these violations, five of them were speeding more than 40 km/h above the authorized speed. The highest speeding was recorded by the motorized platoon of the Valognes gendarmerie. The driver, who was driving without insurance, was arrested while driving at 177 km/h, instead of 110 km/h. His vehicle was seized.

The gendarmes of La Manche also carried out twelve retentions of driving licenses and thirty immobilizations of vehicles.

“A necessary awareness”

In a press release, the Prefect of Manche “reminds drivers of the need to be aware and the importance of strict compliance with the highway code”.


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