Should I take out insurance for mechanical breakdowns?

Although civil liability insurance is sufficient to get behind the wheel of a car, much broader contracts are in practice essential to protect the driver. However, the choice is not limited only to decide between all-risk or third-party insurance. In either case, you can take out a number of à la carte options to best complement your coverage. The mechanical breakdown guarantee is one of these additions to consider.

The optional option

When buying a new car, you automatically benefit from what is called the legal guarantee of conformity. Free and mandatory, it requires the manufacturer to pay all costs resulting from a defect or defect in the vehicle discovered after purchase, for two years (one year for a used car). There is generally a manufacturer’s warranty, which can be for one or two years, and which this time comes under the commercial commitment of each brand. But once the time has elapsed, you will be out of pocket in the event of a malfunction. This is why car insurers have set up mechanical breakdown cover.

This optional option acts as an extension of warranty. It covers the amount of repairs (parts and labour) related to a defect in the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of the vehicle, such as the engine, the gearbox, the braking system, the air conditioning but also the on-board computer, the alternator or even the central locking and the mirror motor. Indeed, this type of breakdown can cost up to four times more without the subscription of a specific guarantee. This option therefore allows you to limit the bill, for a contribution that varies between 150 and 350 euros per year depending on the duration of the cover, the age of the car, its mileage, its power but also the number of parts concerned.

Beware of the terms

Please note that the content of the mechanical breakdown guarantee varies from one company to another, and even from one contract to another. Not all parts of your car are necessarily covered. In any case, the replacement of parts due to wear and tear cannot be covered. Finally, check what is the waiting period applied, so that you do not find yourself without protection between the end of the legal guarantee and the start of application of the insurance.

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