She finds a loophole on the Health Insurance website and sells fake health passes

It’s a traffic that would have brought him a lot of money. According to information from Europe 1, a 23-year-old young woman was arrested and presented to an investigating judge in the Paris region on Monday January 3. She is accused of having made thousands of false health passes since July 2021. False documents which she would then have sold to individuals for sums between 50 and 100 euros each. A traffic that would have brought in tens of thousands of euros to this mother, unemployed and benefiting from the RSA.

The young woman, who lives in eastern Lyon, had managed to retrieve the names and identifiers of dozens of doctors on the Doctolib platform. Confidential data that allowed him to enter the Health Insurance site. By pretending to be one of the doctors, she virtually administered a dose of Pfizer or Moderna to her “clients” thus allowing them to generate a health pass.

“A College Kid Could Do It”

The lawyer for the alleged fraudster, however, insisted on defending his client, saying that she “did not realize the seriousness in terms of public health. It was easy money”. Su Europe 1, he affirmed that she assumed “her share of responsibility” but wished that “the health authorities also assume their share of responsibility” pointing to the “confusing ease” with which the mother of the family was able to manufacture these false passes, recovering the instructions for using the flaws of the Health Insurance on the Internet.

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“A college child could do it very easily, but that’s not allowed. But it’s easy. It’s absolutely abnormal,” denounced the lawyer. In France, recalls LCI, there were nearly 192,483 fake health passes in circulation on December 30. According to the report communicated by the Ministry of the Interior, Tuesday, January 4, 435 investigations were also in progress on this date. The police have also carried out nearly 2,000 verbalizations since the introduction of the document against individuals who have lent their pass to a third party.

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