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After 55, new needs appear and hardships may be more frequent. Accident, hospitalization, new glasses, hearing aids, health problem… It is important to choose your senior health insurance carefully, to be covered whatever the need.

What is a senior health mutual?

A senior health mutual is a complementary health insurance whose guarantees are adapted to the needs of people over 55 years old. The senior health insurance reimburses medical, surgical or hospitalization costs not covered by social security.

Why take out senior health insurance?

With age the body becomes more and more fragile, which therefore generates new health problems. Dental, sight and hearing problems escalate. Health expenditure therefore follows suit and increases. These are generally treatments that are not very well reimbursed by health insurance. It is therefore important for seniors to anticipate possible expenses and opt for a more suitable complementary health insurance. The contract of a senior mutual health insurance offers the same basic guarantees, but not necessarily the same reimbursements.

However, it is difficult to know which mutual health insurance is best suited to our needs with advantageous rates. This is why it is recommended to draw up a list of your main needs and compare the prices according to your expectations.

Can you keep your company health insurance when you retire?

At the time of retirement, several scenarios are available to you. You will have the choice of continuing or terminating your collective company contract. If you want to keep the company’s health mutual, you will have to cover the part previously paid by your employer. The contract will remain the same after your departure, it cannot change. It will therefore surely not be adapted to your new needs concerning your health. Finally, your spouse and children will no longer be able to be part of this coverage.

Why compare?

To choose the right senior mutual fund, it is important to carefully analyze all the reimbursement services and their conditions of coverage by this type of mutual fund. It is necessary to check the reimbursement costs for dental prostheses, hearing aids, optics, hospitalization costs etc… that is why a comparator can save you time.

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