Securitas Direct presents a new generation of anticipation-based alarms with PreSense technology

New generation of Securitas Direct alarms based on anticipation with PreSense technology. – SECURITAS DIRECT

PARIS, May 30 (Benin News / EP) –

Securitas Direct presented a new generation of alarms Anticipation-based that leverages PreSense’s proprietary technology, integrating advanced sensing devices, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and predictive modeling to improve home security.

This next-generation technology generates data models that are used for. predict risk levels in the event of an alarm being triggered.. This intelligence is combined with the specialist knowledge of a highly qualified professional team, enabling Securitas Direct to react earlier and act even faster in the face of potential intrusions and emergency situations.

In this way, the company manages to strengthen the security of its customers, offering them an additional layer of protection that allows them to… reduce response times to less than 20 secondsThe company explains in a press release that it has reduced response times to less than 20 seconds, with notification of security forces and emergency services if necessary.

Securitas Direct has invested more than €255 million in R&D in Spain over the past five years, with the aim of continuing to innovate to “improve the protection of homes, small businesses and, above all, people”.


This technology is the basis of the new alarm suite, which integrates different levels of protection – from the outside to the inside of homes and businesses – to ensure early detection of any intrusion attempt. At a first level of protection, this new generation of alarms includes a anti-inhibition/anti-sabotage system, based on the ATN signal transmission network that the company has developed exclusively to ensure the uninterrupted sending of alarm signals in any situation.

A second level consists of “Shocksensor” access detectors, which provide customers with the following total protection at all vulnerable access points in the home.. Finally, there is a third level, at the household and business level, which includes high-resolution photodetectors and ARLO cameras. cameras with intelligent image analysis, which generate HD images and videos with greater precision, including night vision, continuous recording and cloud storage.

All this allows for faster and more accurate verification and provides a better user experience for customers, since they can access their cameras from their mobile phone to verify that everything is in order. User control is increased with the new dashboard, which allows control with voice notifications; the integrated SOS button in several alarm devices; or the smart mobile app, with a more modern and functional design.

This new generation of alarms features IoT technology, which enables faster and more secure communications, both between alarm devices and with the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC). To send these signals, the alarm uses the 4G mobile network, the Internet (Ethernet / wifi) and the ATN addition to advanced encryption protocols to make communications more secure against hacking attempts.


“With this launch, we are at the forefront of innovation and technology in the security industry. Thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence and predictive models, which are combined with the latest technologies, we can anticipate a potential risk to act faster and with more precision, being able, for the first time, to do so. in less than 20 seconds,” says Nina Llordachs, Director of Marketing Recruitment at Securitas Direct.

Llordachs emphasizes that, thanks to the the knowledge acquired during its 30 years of experience and the approval of its more than 4.3 million customers worldwide -including 1.7 million in Spain- were able to “revolutionize the security sector”. “With this new generation of alarms, we can anticipate and act faster, providing an additional layer of protection for our customers,” he added.

This new generation of alarms with PreSense technology is the result of a project to which the company has devoted several years of research and has been developed 100% internally, by a multidisciplinary team of 550 experts from eight different markets.

“The great challenge has been to bring together all the experience and knowledge gathered during these years of management and to develop this new technological platform, designed in-house, by and for us, which allows us to shorten innovation cycles so you can continue to develop innovations faster“, adds the directive.

Spain has been the country chosen for the exclusive launch of this new generation of alarms, which demonstrates – according to Mr. Llordachs – the importance of this country “of extraordinary performance and trajectory”, since it is also home to one of the largest innovation centers of the Verisure group.

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