SCPI in life insurance, is it really worth it?

One of the methods of subscribing to SCPI shares is the life insurance contract. This is a tax envelope that has many advantages through its attractive taxation, its low entry ticket and its flexibility. Integrating the SCPI via a life insurance contract is an ideal solution since it makes it possible to take advantage of the performance of the SCPI and the attractiveness of the life insurance contract.

In effect, the SCPI is an investment offering the best rate of return on the market associated with a well-controlled risk. Given that the SCPI market is not very volatile since its underlying property is real estate, compared to the financial market, the risk associated with the loss of capital is increasingly controlled. Moreover, the rate of return on SCPIs averaged 4.45% in 2021. In addition to this advantage, SCPIs are more profitable compared to the various financial products present on the market, in particular shares, bonds and savings accounts. If one is interested in the SCPI via life insurance, the question arises as to why invest in SCPI via life insurance and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

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SCPI via life insurance

Investment in SCPI is an investment that integrates the life insurance contract in order to facilitate the subscription to savers (low entry ticket), invest in a quality real estate heritage and consequently benefit from the tax-exempting advantages that it may allow.

Moreover, subscribing to SCPI shares via life insurance allows savers to benefit from various advantages of the SCPI in particular the return, the flexibility and the accessibility of the investment, the absence of management all associated with a risk shared between several associates and on several goods.


Investing in SCPI via life insurance is a savings solution for any investor wishing to earn additional income, optimize their retirement or prepare their estate. In effect, the SCPI via life insurance is an appropriate investment insofar as it allows:

  • Build up SCPI shares at a discounted price;
  • Collect land income within a reduced period of enjoyment;
  • Take advantage of attractive taxation, in particular: a reduction of €152,500 in the transfer of the contract in addition to a reduction in taxation on property income and capital gains due to the tax exemption applied to income (capital gains and interest) up to €4,600/person and €9,200/couple for any redemption made after 8 years.

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Like any investment, the SCPI via life insurance also has disadvantages that must be taken into consideration, in particular:

  • Higher management fees due to the application of additional fees;
  • SCPI shares cannot be acquired directly;
  • Subscribers to SCPI shares via life insurance do not receive any income;
  • The supply of SCPI shares via life insurance may be limited.

Nevertheless, the SCPI via life insurance is an adequate savings solution for savers since it allows both to:

  • Invest in real estate in an indirect way and take advantage of the flexibility, accessibility and low entry ticket of the SCPI unlike direct real estate investment which requires heavy funds;
  • To benefit from the rate of return of the SCPI which is on average 4.4%;
  • To take advantage of the advantages of the life insurance contract, in particular the low entry ticket, the reduced period of enjoyment and the attractive tax system.

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