Science, Technology and Innovation (STI): FONSTI raises awareness among students of the Modern Konan Camille high school in Adiaké

After the classical high school of Abidjan and the modern high school of Azaguié, the caravan of the FONSTI (Fund for science, technology and innovation) for the promotion of STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) in high schools and colleges of Côte d’Ivoire made a stopover on May 25, 2022 at the Modern Konan Camille high school in Adiaké.

In his opening speech, the Secretary General of FONSTI, Doctor Yaya Sangaré recalled the reasons for this promotional campaign initiated for high schools and colleges in Côte d’Ivoire, namely to show the importance of science for the development of a country, on the one hand, and to arouse the scientific vocation at the level of the pupils of high schools and colleges, on the other hand.

Two eminent speakers entertained the students of the modern high school of Adiaké: Biaka Zasséli Ignace, Full Professor in Political, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy and Andji Jonas, Full Professor in Chemistry of Inorganic Materials.

Professor Biaka Zasséli Ignace explained, in his speech, the major role played by science in the development of the West. He also showed what science can bring as a solution to Côte d’Ivoire in the face of problems in the sectors of agriculture, health, the preservation of the human species, etc.

To do this, Professor Biaka encouraged students to opt for scientific courses after the Baccalaureate in order to provide Côte d’Ivoire with high-level technicians in areas where the country generally seeks skills abroad.

Professor Andji Jonas, for his part, insisted on scientific progress in certain fields and showed their impact on the quality of life of human beings while supporting his point with specific examples: the evolution of the car of origins to the present day, the evolution of habitats and architecture, ways of sending money to a third party…

He also explained to the young people that they are the ideal age to take an interest in scientific culture and to think of solutions to the problems experienced by the Ivorian populations in all areas (cultivation techniques, modernization of the technical platform in hospitals, etc.).

The Adiaké stage marks the end of the caravan for this year 2022.

The FONSTI will open a new campaign from the next school year (2022-2023) both in Abidjan and in the cities of the interior of the country. Institutions interested in the activity can contact the FONSTI secretariat to make a request.

The activity is entirely financed by the FONSTI and participation is free.

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