Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin who disappeared from the radar

The story of Bitcoin is a modern epic that started fifteen years ago on a mystery that – so far – has never been solved. No one knows who invented Bitcoin. There is only one name that appeared online in 2008: Satoshi Nakamoto.

That year, suddenly, in the United States, the houses are no longer worth anything. During the summer, a word between in journalists’ vocabulary: subprime. Americans took out subprime loans. Customers with bad credit are left with debts that cannot be repaid. So the houses are sold by the banks and the lenders.

With the subprime crisis, confidence in the banks is collapsing. But trust in institutions is the foundation of our financial system. We can give value to money because this value is recognized by financial institutions.

However, this idea is starting to be refuted on online forums: we should create one virtual currency, made of digital tokens. But there is a technical problem that needs to be solved for it to work, namely double spending. Since it is a digital token, it can be duplicated. So it can be used twice. And it is an insurmountable pitfall if we want to create a new monetary system.

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