Samsung would replace the telephoto lens with a new technology

The Galaxy S24 Ultra should take over the new 200 MP photo sensor from the S23 Ultra, but entrust its zoom to a different technology than a classic telephoto lens.

Credit: OnLeaks

While the Galaxy S23 series should be officially announced in a few weeks (February 1?) by Samsung, the tipster Ice Universe, long known for the reliability of his information about the South Korean manufacturer’s future smartphones, is already starting to share early. leaks on the next generation of the range.

According to the leaker, Samsung is seriously considering removing the telephoto lens currently found on the brand’s flagships from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. He vaguely mentions the adoption of a “new fix” to replace this optical element, but the device must still be able to perform optical zoom, a function associated with high-end mobiles.

The main photo sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra to S24 Ultra

Unfortunately, Ice Universe leaves us in our hunger and doesn’t show up more accurately for the time being. However, we know that Samsung and Google are very close and like to cooperate on many aspects. It is possible that the world’s number 1 smartphone is inspired by Pixels, formidable photophones that rely above all on software processing to ensure the quality of the images.

For example, the Pixel 7 Pro offers up to 5x optical zoom compared to up to 10x for the Galaxy S22 Ultra (and likely the Galaxy S23 Ultra), but has what Google calls Super Res Zoom to offer powerful digital zoom up to x30. It’s just a guess, but Samsung could be heading down a similar path.

Ice Universe also claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will not bring major changes to the terminal’s primary photo sensor. This seems logical, as we expect a new 200 MP module for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Samsung is not used to changing such a significant element every year. We should therefore find the same optics as the S23 Ultra on the S24 Ultra, with potentially some improvements.

But we still have a good year ahead of us to get to the bottom of it, and we’ll be able to enjoy the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the meantime.

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