Saham Assurance changes its name to become Sanlam

Yahya Chraibi, general manager of Sanlam in Morocco. Credit: The Desk

Saham Assurance becomes Sanlam and joins the 20 subsidiaries of the group having changed their name in 2021, we learn from a press release.

A change recorded at the previous Extraordinary General Meeting of December 2021, as we reported.

“This name change will allow us to deploy a unified brand in Morocco on a continental scale, backed by the recognition of our partners and customers as well as the capital of trust built up over more than a century. It is also a question for us of taking advantage of the Group’s synergies as well as the coherence of the discourse and communication of Sanlam”, said Yahia Chraibi, general manager of Sanlam Morocco.

The group also made a change of visual identity and “live with confidence” signature.

“To mark this rebranding, the group is deploying a large-scale communication campaign on the national media, on social networks and on billboards. The creative concept is based on an original and modern choreography that goes around all Moroccan regions,” states the press release.

“This brand change also serves as a reminder of Sanlam Maroc’s attachment to the founding values ​​that guide the Company’s action on a daily basis: commitment, solidarity, courage, benevolence and closeness”, concludes the press release.

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