Rupture of Doliprane capsule: should we be worried?

For several months, boxes of Doliprane 1,000 mg capsules have become increasingly rare on the shelves of pharmacies in France.

In question, an increase in demand since the start of the health crisis and laboratories are struggling to increase their production. The return of winter viruses is also not insignificant in the face of this surge in requests.

“The raw material for paracetamol currently comes from China or India. We are trying to repatriate manufacturing to France, it takes time. And it turns out that other materials such as cardboard, packaging and plastic are also missing. And the plastic is used in the manufacture of the capsules”, declared Philippe Vergnes, president of the union of pharmacists of Haute-Garonne, at the microphone of CNEWS.

It is the Doliprane 1,000 mg capsule which is affected by this out of stock, the one manufactured by the Sanofi laboratory. Pharmacists are however reassuring and try to lead customers to other alternatives.

“When customers come to us asking for Doliprane, either we will direct them to another form of medication that they may not be used to taking, or we will direct them to another laboratory that makes capsules of paracetamol”, reported Bruno Fellous, pharmacist.

Health professionals assure that there is no need to be alarmed, Sanofi has announced a return to normal for the month of June 2022.

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