Rough week for Elon Musk accused of harassment

( — The week that is ending has been tough for the action You’re herewhich lost almost 14% in 5 sessions, penalized by the doubts of its general manager Elon Musk about the takeover of Twitteras well as the announcement of the eviction of the electric vehicle manufacturer from the ESG (social and ethical) index of the S&P 500 index. Not to mention a new spectacular accident involving a Tesla Model 3 out of control of its driver , which fitted into a display case in Columbus, Ohio.

And to crown it all, embarrassing information was published Thursday by the American press, accusing Elon Musk of sexual harassment. On Wall Street, under the weight of this flow of news, the title of the American electric car maker ended the week at $663.90, down 6.4% on Friday’s session, down 13.7 % over the week and down around 37% since the start of 2022.

According to the ‘Forbes’ ranking of billionaires, the fortune of Elon Musk, who notably owns 21% of the capital of Testa, peaked at $219 billion this year, but has fallen to just over $207 billion these days. here, but he remains the richest man in the world ahead of Bernard Arnault (LVMH) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

An “Elongate” resulting from politically motivated attacks?

Elon Musk denied Thursday evening on Twitter the accusations deemed “totally false” relayed by ‘Business Insider’, according to which the businessman would have paid $ 250,000 four years ago to settle a complaint for harassment of a hostess air. “Attacks on me should be viewed through a political prism – that’s their standard (despicable) playbook – but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech,” he said. assured Musk on his Twitter account.

“Finally, we get to use Elongate as a scandal name. It’s kind of perfect,” quipped the billionaire, who previously spoke out against the Democratic Party and warned he expected to do the object of attack.

“It was clear that their only goal was a blockbuster prize to interfere with the acquisition of Twitter. History was written before they even spoke to me,” Musk said again. “And, for the record, these savage accusations are totally false,” added the leader.

Less than 5% of Musk’s time spent on Twitter?

Musk also wanted to ensure, in a completely different register, that he was not abandoning Tesla in favor of the acquisition of Twitter. “To be clear, I actually spend less than 5% of my time on the Twitter acquisition. It’s not rocket science! Yesterday was Giga Texas, today is Starbase. Tesla is in my head 24/7”.

Financial analysts fear that the proposed acquisition of Twitter could divert Elon Musk from the management of Tesla as the company faces increased competition and supply chain problems in China.

Elon Musk caused a surprise in early April by bursting into the capital of Twitter before launching ten days later an offer of 44 billion dollars ($ 54.2 per share) on the social network. However, the billionaire then sowed doubt by suspending his offer a week ago, demanding evidence that the number of fake Twitter accounts is less than 5% of users, as claimed by management. However, according to other sources, these fake accounts would in fact be much more numerous, perhaps around 20%, estimated Musk this week, which would justify a drop in the price of his offer…

Musk promises to reinstate Donald Trump at Twitter

More fundamentally, Musk’s offer on Twitter has caused a stir in the American political class, which is questioning the intentions of the businessman and his vision of the freedom of expression he intends to defend. through its takeover of the social network.

The American billionaire, who has the largest fortune in the world, has no less than 83 million subscribers on his Twitter account. He has often criticized the social network, particularly regarding freedom of expression and moderation of content, which he considers too severe.

Thus, on May 10, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX indicated that if he took control of Twitter, he would lift the permanent suspension of the account of Donald Trump, banned from Twitter since January 2021 after the assault on the Capitol launched by his supporters, who refused to accept the election of Democrat Joe Biden. Elon Musk called the suspension a “morally wrong” and “senseless” decision.

“I think it was a mistake because it alienated a lot of the country and ultimately didn’t stop Donald Trump from being heard” since he is now on his own social network, Musk pointed out during a conference organized by the ‘Financial Times’.

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