Ripple: why is it time to buy?

Over the past three months, Ripple has lost more than half of its value. Nevertheless, in the general fall of all cryptocurrencies, it is one of those that has resisted the best. Faced with the crisis, the Ripple seems to be a excellent defensive value, which allows you to relatively protect your crypto wallet. Now is the time to buy from a medium-term perspective. We explain why!

Ripple will go public

Ripple has planned to do what is called an IPO: for Initial Public Offering. This is the technical term for a Initial Public Offering. Such an action will make Ripple one of the first listed cryptocurrencies. This listing on the Stock Exchange, alongside more conventional values ​​of the economy, will give new visibility to this crypto. Thus, new investors will be encouraged to take the plunge and buy XRP.

Thus, it is a safe bet that in the months following the IPO, Ripple will experience a huge phase of growth, particularly sustained over time. It is therefore time to position yourself on the Ripple to take advantage of a price that is still very low.

The trial is already priced

What pushes the Ripple priceit is a lawsuit which is in progress with the DRY since December 2020. This legal action, which has been taking place for two years, worries investors who are more cautious about this cryptocurrency. So today, the economic impact of the lawsuit is already taken into account in the course. Nevertheless, the trial seems to be going well, which means that a successful outcome would support the price growth. The good news is therefore about to arrive, all you have to do is anticipate it to be able to realize a nice capital gain. It is therefore the perfect time to buy!

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