Record year for Tesla: car deliveries almost doubled in 2021

In 2021, Tesla came close to achieving a major goal: delivering 1 million cars over a calendar year. It will be for 2022.

For Tesla, the year 2022 begins with a statement filled with big numbers, published on January 2. Where we learn that the American manufacturer produced 305,000 cars and delivered 308,000 during the last quarter of 2021. Impressive performances which allow the multinational to close the previous year with a new delivery record: 936,000 vehicles.

Some will not fail to say that this is a small failure for Tesla, which remains a stone’s throw from crossing the million mark. But we must put this volume in perspective: in 2020, Tesla had only delivered what 499,550 cars – which means that it has almost doubled the sales concluded in the last twelve months.

The various Tesla vehicles are among the most advanced at the moment from a connectivity point of view.

Tesla will exceed one million in 2022

Without too much surprise, it is the Model 3 and the Model Y, the most affordable in the Tesla catalog, which pull performance up. The ratio is quite marked: of the 936,000 cars delivered, the compact sedan and SUV account for more than 97% (911,000). Much more expensive, the Model S and the Model X will perhaps find colors in 2022, in particular thanks to the redesign announced at the beginning of last year.

In any case, there is reason to be confident for Tesla in 2022. By exceeding 300,000 cars assembled in its factories in twelve weeks, the firm would be able to produce 1.2 million over a whole year. As a bonus, keep in mind that Tesla has not yet inaugurated its Gigafactory located in Germany and that another will soon be in Texas. Which is to say that Tesla has a huge margin for progress for 2022, and that the million cars assembled/delivered will normally and – quite largely – be exceeded.

Latest annual Tesla deliveries :

Year Volume Evolution
2021 936 172 + 87%
2020 499,500 + 36%
2019 367,500

It should be noted that Tesla managed to come very close to one of its objectives during a difficult year for many industries, due to a global shortage which complicates the life of many people. The American manufacturer did not hesitate to deliver certain cars without USB ports allowing you to connect your smartphone (they are not essential for driving and can be added later). For its part, BMW has announced that some cars will be completely deprived of a touch screen.

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