Publication of Geek Junior No. 30: my digital life without Google

This first issue of Geek Junior magazine for 2023 begins with a good resolution: live your digital life with a little less Google! This is the cover story for this issue #30.

Because if it is difficult to do without Google services, we can easily limit its impact on our privacy, in particular the collection of our personal data for advertising profiling purposes.

In this January edition, Geek Junior also talks about one of the technical phenomena of the moment, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that seems to react like a human and that asks many questions about our digital practices. The future of web search may be here.

The Science & Tech notebook is back with a double page on the exoskeleton, which is sure to enter the daily life of more and more people, especially to help the most vulnerable people and for those who have to carry heavy loads.

Geek Junior continues to offer many tutorials on Scratch, Minecraft or to manage your screen time on your smartphone. Finally, we wonder what free software is, without also forgetting the page dedicated to digital parenting at the end of the magazine.

Good reading!

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