PSG are surprised by the confusion at Paris City Hall … and are thinking hard about other options

PSG notes the confusion prevailing today at City Hall on the sensitive issue of the Parc des Princes. For him, the town hall says things in public that are different from what is said in private. And the club is adamant: it will only invest 500 million euros in the enclosure if it is the sole owner.

Another media that questions. This Tuesday during a “press briefing” organized by Paris City Hall, the Parc des Princes file was once again mentioned. First deputy Emmanuel GrĂ©goire said it is “not possible for PSG to go anywhere else and play anywhere other than the Parc des Princes”. A new speech, three days after Anne Hidalgo’s speech during an interview given to Parisian where she stated that the stadium “is not for sale”.

What a surprise PSG, who notes the confusion that reigns today at City Hall. For him, the town hall says things in public that are different from what is said in private.

No owner, no investment

In the club, it is reminded that the supporters know very well the position of the leaders, who have been transparent since day one. For the Parisian board, the basis for a big club’s commercial and sporting success is first and foremost to have a fantastic stadium.

A structure comparable to other major European teams. For example, FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. But it’s also important to own it. A “quasi-owner” status does not exist. Without this, the capital club believes it cannot compete with teams with twice the size of the enclosures. The message is clear: PSG will only invest 500 million euros in the stadium if it is the sole owner. A desire shared by Parisian supporters who want improvements and greater capacity in the stands.

Paris digs Saint-Cloud and Poissy slopes

PSG insist that, on top of this, there is a tense economic context, with enormous pressure due to financial fair play. Paris is still looking for more income and in a sustainable way. The reason why he continues to accelerate on other opportunities, far from Porte d’Auteuil. Like the Saint-Cloud racecourse, which is seen as a good option and very close, or even Poissy. All while waiting for a possible invitation from Paris City Hall to a meeting, far from a press conference or an interview in another media.

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