Project Liberty and Polkadot team up for a decentralized social network

  • Project Liberty and Polkadot are working together to implement a Decentralized Social Network Protocol (DSNP).
  • The DSNP will be an open-source protocol that will establish a shared social graph.
  • Both technical teams are eager to know the results of their efforts.

The technology teams behind Project Liberty and Polkadot are collaborating on the first implementation of the Decentralized Social Network Protocol (DSNP).

The team said the DSNP was developed to serve the public good and provide a more equitable and inclusive infrastructure for the next generation of the web. It would be an open-source protocol that would establish a shared social graph that no longer depends on a specific application or a centralized platform. In particular, it will be controlled and governed by its users.

Frank McCourt, founder of Project Liberty, and Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot and the Web3 Foundation, said they aim to evolve the open-source internet protocol to become the central social layer of the next Internet generation. They added that this collaboration is part of the common goal of building a web that is fairer, more user-oriented and more aware of social issues.

McCourt remarked:

We are excited to work with Gavin and his colleagues to realize our shared vision of a healthier web. Not only are they pioneers of innovation, but our values ​​agree on how the internet should be restructured to empower users, benefit society and strengthen democracy.

Wood was also excited about the partnership and said that Web 3.0 needs a universally accessible social graph to succeed, as Web 2.0 social giants currently have absolute control over what users can say or do on their platforms. . He added that Project Liberty and the DSNP protocol provide a clear path to providing this crucial service.

DSNP creator Braxton Woodham said that with nearly three years of development and a working implementation of DSNP, they are now ready to deploy social functionality as a core part of the Internet itself. “Polkadot has a unique architecture that enables the implementation of DSNP at scale, with cost savings that will support sustainable alternatives to current surveillance economy-driven business models. »


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