Predissime 9 life insurance still at its lowest

Crdit Agricole’s star life insurance remains well below 1%. The fund in euros of this contract remains 0.65%.

No miracle in 2021. Predica, the personal insurance subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances has just presented this Wednesday the remuneration of these life insurance contracts. And the remuneration of Predissime 9 series 2, the euro fund of his most popular contract, remains 0.65%as in 2020. After taking social security contributions into account, the fund in euros for this contract therefore only brings in 0.54% net of social security contributions, well below the 1% of the Livret From February 1. A performance that places Predissime 9 at the bottom of the 2021 ranking.

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For the first time, contract holders are encouraged to bet on unit-linked (UA) vehicles to boost their savings. The remuneration of the support in euros is therefore 0.65% with less than 25% UC in the contract, but it increases to 1.05% with 30 to 50% UC, and even reaches 1.45% if the customer holds more than 50% CPU.

PER values

Similar logic on the higher-end Floriane 2 contract: the base rate remains 1.05%, but the return is increased according to the UC rate: 1.45% for more than 30% UC, and 1, 85% on the fund in euros for the year 2021 for 50% UA. The remuneration of the Predissime 9 and Floriane 1st generation contracts, closed to marketing, has not been disclosed.

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On the other hand, the Crdit Agricole group continues to support the retirement savings plan (PER). The return paid on the PER of Predica saw their remuneration reach 1.70% as in 2020.

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The 2021 remuneration of life insurance at Crdit Agricole

Here are the known yields for the euro funds of the main Crdit Agricole life insurance contracts:

  • Predissime 9 series 2: 0.65% in 2021 (less than 25% UA), as in 2020
  • Floriane 2: base rate of 1.05% in 2021, as in 2020,
  • ARP point of view: 1.70% in 2021 on the fund in euros, as in 2020

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