Predictis – France’s leading life insurance and savings broker.

Broker specializing in retirement savingsand partner of SwissLife, Groupama Gan Vie and Abeille Vie, Predictis supports its clients in managing their money, creating, optimizing their assets, anticipating and preparing for their retirement as soon as possible, and financially protecting their families thanks to its 300 expert advisors on the subject.

Now present in 14 cities in France, Predictis wishes to accelerate its territorial coverage and plans to have 600 advisers in 2025, in order to better support its customers.

Update with Emmanuel Bouriez, Managing Director of Predictis

Tell us about Predictis

For 25 years, we have been supporting our clients, individuals or professionals, in building or developing their assets. Throughout France, we guide our clients on the wealth strategies to be implemented, in terms of savings, retirement, real estate and financial investment and provident insurance.

Our clients are mainly TNS (self-employed workers), mainly medical and liberal professions such as notaries or accountants, who represent 60% of our clientele. We also have a lot of business leaders. Indeed, the TNS must think themselves to protect themselves through a foresight. and will be the worst off when the hour of retirement strikes.

How do you support your clients?

Each person is a special case! The key step is the asset assessment. When you meet a client for the first time, it is a question of understanding his objectives and his motivations in order to offer him the financial strategies adapted to his expectations. Does he want to optimize or develop his assets? Organize your succession and pass on your heritage? Preparing for retirement? Once these subjects and the financial situation have been understood, we will be able to present them with different strategies and products, such as retirement savings, life insurance, provident insurance, complementary health insurance, etc. as well as real estate, both for the purchase of a main residence than a real estate investment through the Pinel law, Malraux law or historical monuments.

On this subject, we have a unit dedicated to finding the best mortgage to invest personally or professionally.

For example concerning retirement, a former employee receives on average 40% of his last known income on retirement, against 28% on average for the liberal professions. Our goal is to help the customer cover this differential. The heritage balance sheet makes it possible to calculate the exact differential, to take into account its heritage assets, and to propose from this study a solution that will meet the needs of the client.

What are the mistakes not to make when trying to invest your money?

It is always necessary to make coincide personal project and placement. Indeed, some investments are interesting, only in the long term.

For example, in the event of a short-term real estate investment project, placing on life insurance is not recommended, because the taxation in the event of redemption is attractive from 8 years.

On the other hand, if a client is looking for an investment to prepare his transmission, life insurance can be a suitable product, because it allows in particular to freely designate his beneficiaries, and the money is excluded from the estate assets.

Anyway, to invest your money, it is better to be accompanied and advised by an expert.

Predictis is growing and is looking for new partner wealth advisors, what profiles are you looking for?

Indeed, we experienced a 40% growth in turnover in 2021, and will continue to open new branches. Most of the wealth management advisers who join us have a Master’s degree in business school, but we have many profiles from marketing or legal backgrounds. The profession also attracts many people in professional retraining looking for a new challenge. What matters is their personality. Upon their arrival, new advisers follow a mandatory 150-hour training course enabling them to obtain ORIAS accreditation, as well as ongoing training during the year, in order to always be aware of tax and regulatory developments.

Helping its employees to grow is part of your values!

At Predictis, the support of our partner advisors is essential. We work to develop them within the group by developing their careers. After three years, we offer state-recognized MBA cycles in Wealth Engineering, in partnership with ESA, the Ecole Supérieure d’Assurances de France.

One of our missions is to contribute to the positive development of society. Twenty years ago, heritage professions were reserved for a certain category of the population. We have chosen to open them up and make the social elevator and meritocracy work!

And your social role?

For us, a company cannot evolve without having an important social role, which is why we are helping to develop research against cancer by financing the AP-HP to the tune of a minimum of €110,000 per year. We also support

the “Au coeur des enfants” association, which helps children placed in foster care or orphans, and we are co-financing a structure in the Paris region which provides accommodation for abused women with their children. This helps them to rebuild and resume a normal life.

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