Practice Insurance. You are towing a trailer: do you need to be insured?

Let’s start with a first, unavoidable principle. Since trailers are assimilated to motorized land vehicles (article 1 of the law of July 5, 1985 and article L.211-1 of the Insurance Code), they must be covered at least by civil liability insurance, regardless of their weight. .

The weight will first determine if the trailer must have a specific registration and if you must pass a particular permit. The limit is set at 750 kg.

Less than 750 kg car insurance covers

First case, your trailer weighs less than 500 kg. You can tow your trailer without formality or prior declaration. You enter the registration number of the towing vehicle on the police plate.

If the trailer is between 500 and 750 kg, it must have its own registration; it is therefore advisable to inform the insurer who must issue a specific green card for the trailer.

In the case of trailers over 750 kg, you must have a specific registration; the towed good – here a car – is insured on its side; it is his insurance that covers during the journey. The trailer is insured separately. Photo DR

From 750 kg, insurance for the trailer

As with trailers between 500 and 750 kg, trailers over 750 kg must be registered separately from the towing vehicle. The insurance is independent of that of the car.

This applies to all trailers, whether it is a trailer for transporting goods or a boat trailer. Damage related to a road accident is covered by the boat’s insurance.

It’s the same for car trailers; the transported car is covered for the time of transport by its own insurance contract. As for the animal van, the trailer is covered by the insurance but not the animals which must have their own insurance.

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