Potential win-win for Biden, losing faith in American tech gurus and other comments

From right: A potential win-win for the Prez

“Immigration is the responsibility of Congress,” writes William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal. “But Congress isn’t really leading. A president yes. And the fact that Republicans probably don’t “see it in their best interest” to offer sufficient compromises “creates an opening” for President Biden. “His best move would be a bipartisan deal,” which Republicans “would have a hard time turning down” – which he would then have to sell to the public. Biden ‘shows few signs’ that he is capable of such leadership, but ‘if he was able to rise above even for once’ he would ‘win regardless of the outcome’: Either he would succeed in achieving immigration reform where his predecessors failed”, or he would “win politically” by showing that Republicans are the ones blocking progress . The biggest obstacle to such a plan? “Joe Biden himself.”

Pandemic review: Beyond the CDC’s epic failure

The title of a new “remarkably comprehensive report” by staff from Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) is “dropping the game” on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s handling of COVID, jokes Carl Schramm on The Hill. The title? “Historically unprepared.” The document notes that the agency had “no pre-existing research” for COVID, “no stockpile of PPE supplies or plans to distribute them” and “no idea of ​​the capacity of hospitals across the country to treat victims of COVID-19. covid .” It also “resisted using private-sector labs” to develop tests and lacked “the simplest epidemiological rationale” for protecting the most vulnerable. “If the CDC can’t correct itself, maybe it’s time to to the private sector,” which could undertake more “effective” interventions, “to enable more Americans to survive future pandemics.” ”.

Curator: Biden’s Woke Military Fiasco

“The U.S. military should be the ultimate meritocracy,” thundered Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to Fox News, but President Biden has “made race, gender and controversial political teachings an integral part of training and military values.” No wonder “the number of Americans with ‘high’ confidence in the military has dropped,” or that our armed forces are missing their “recruitment goals by a significant margin.” Worse, the Navy “advocates less testing of officers to boost minority representation” and the Army has tried to lower “fitness standards” to increase “the number of women in combat”. “When Republicans take control of Congress next year . . . we should start by firing every diversity, equity and inclusion officer on the Department of Defense payroll.

Culture Review: Losing Faith in US Tech Gurus

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s arrest for fraud has James B. Meigs at Commentary asking, “Are the wheels coming off the tech ride?” For decades, Americans have been captivated by those on the cutting edge of technology, and “journalists, investors and tech geeks” have sometimes built “credulous cults around the entrepreneurs they admire.” Still, from Elizabeth Holmes’ downfall to Enron’s collapse to Steve Jobs’ narrow-mindedness when he introduced the iPhone, “warning signs have shown that even entrepreneurial geniuses should not be immune to skepticism”. Some of “our most acclaimed entrepreneurs have skated pretty close” to the “ethical abyss.” Bankman-Fried will now “symbolize a turning point in our culture: the moment we stopped believing in the boundless genius of our tech gurus.”

Censorship: Dems the real authoritarians

“Democratic anti-Trumpism” seeks to offer a “justification for greater government control” that is “less obvious and more sophisticated than Trump’s, but still authoritarian,” says Spiked’s Sean Collins. “The 2020 Biden campaign pressured Twitter and other social media organizations to ban criticism or remove damaging stories,” and then “continued to partner with Big Tech companies” after the election “to censor” opponents. “Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI and US attorneys to investigate” the school board protesters. In fact, Democrats’ reach into our social and political lives, including limits on speech, extends wider than anything Trump has attempted. And while Trump is an incompetent authoritarian, the Democrats’ version is far more disciplined and (unfortunately) effective.

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