police arrest a man walking around with a knife in Paris

A man who threatened a motorist with a knife in the 16th arrondissement of Paris was arrested by the police overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, learns 20 minutes from police sources.

According to our information, around 12:50 a.m., a police patrol spotted this man wearing an imposing black beard, a military-colored top, dark stockings and flip-flops as he strolled rue Le Marois. They noticed an object in his hand that looked like a knife blade from a distance. They got out of their vehicle and followed the suspect into the street, who was banging his blade against road safety guardrails.

The man was making confused remarks

Suddenly, he walked towards a vehicle which was stopped at a red light, avenue de Versailles. He approached the window and threatened the driver with his knife. The motorist took fright, crossed the red light and took the direction of the Porte de Saint-Cloud.

The police then took out their service weapon and pointed the suspect, who got rid of his red and black Facom knife, whose 7 cm blade was unfolded. They arrested this man who was, according to them, very agitated and made confused remarks. He pretended to the agents to be simply called “Salam Salam”. He was taken into custody.

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