Philippe Montanier after TFC’s big defeat against OM: “Marseille had the wind in their sails”

“How do you explain such a gap in the result (TFC lost 6-1 at the Vélodrome, Thursday night at the end of the 16th day in Ligue 1)?
If you look at the stats, we conceded 7 shots on goal and conceded 6 goals. We had 6 shots on goal, we only got one. There were opportunities, especially in the first half. Then there are the circumstances surrounding the goals. We take the second one just before halftime and the third one at the start of the second period. All this means that the game was quickly folded against a good team from Marseille.

This third goal hurts you mentally…
It’s difficult, but even at 4-1 we didn’t give up. It was only in the last ten minutes that the players really got a blow behind the head.

Do you think the explanation is physical?
I don’t feel like we’ll see. We lacked offensive efficiency which could have allowed us to stay in the game until the end. Tonight, Marseille had the wind in their sails and hit almost all their chances.

What has hindered you the most from defending against this team?
We know that it is a team that plays with a lot of intensity and high quality players. It’s hard when you come here, it’s been hard for us. But I think we got an answer. Except for the last ten minutes.

What satisfaction can you get from a match like this?
We must soon forget, even if we have done good things. We have to play Ajaccio, a match that corresponds more to our championship. We will try to quickly eliminate this match and plan for the next one. It’s coming fast, especially since we have a little more than a day less recovery than our opponent. In terms of sporting fairness, when we face a direct opponent, we like to play at the same time, but the calendar is like that. You just need to get healthy physically and mentally. There will be another match on Sunday. »


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