For World Information Society Day, a day which aims to raise public awareness of the opportunities opened up by the use of the Internet and information and communication technologies, BVA unveils the results of an international study on the perception of technology.

Half of French people see technology as very important in their lives; a lower proportion than in other countries

Half of French people consider technology to be very important in their life (50%). This relationship to technology is stronger among men (53%) than among women (47%), but it is also strongly correlated with age: 75% of 18-24 year olds say that technology is very important for them, 65% of 24-35 year olds, but only one in four French people over 45.

At the international level, the French thus appear to be the most detached from technology, very far behind the Indonesians, the Serbs or the Indians who are more than 9 out of 10 to declare that technology is very important in their life (respectively 98%, 95% and 94%).

French people concerned about the confidentiality of their data, but poorly informed about the future of their shared data

Nearly half of French people (46%) are concerned about sharing personal information digitally. While the majority of people over 55 say they are worried, young people are less concerned (only a third say they are concerned about the sharing of personal data).

The results of the French are close to those of the Europeans who appear to be among the least concerned (44%). Conversely, the inhabitants of the American continent are a majority to be concerned (53%). Brazil (72%) and China (71%) are the countries where people are most concerned.

The French have a poor knowledge of the future of their personal data : only 16% of them say they know what happens to personal data after it has been shared.

The level of concern about the sharing of personal information online seems to go hand in hand with an increased awareness of what happens to our data once it is shared: China and Brazil which appeared among the countries where concern was greatest are also those who appear to be among the best informed (respectively 71% and 49%).

Nearly 9 out of 10 French people have already been victims of fraudulent use of their personal data

According to the study, nearly 9 out of 10 French people have already been victims of misuse of their data (87%). The main bad experiences that the French have already had to deal with are the sending of emails (spam) by companies with which they have never had prior contact (74%) and phishing, i.e. receiving fraudulent emails requesting personal information (60%). Aggressive abuses like email hacking (23%), financial hacking (22%) or personal data leaking (13%), each affected fewer people.

BVA international survey – WIN Network carried out among 33,326 people in 39 countries around the world. The survey was carried out by the institutes of the WIN network between October 15 and December 18, 2021.
Each sample is representative of the population of each country in terms of socio-demographic variables.

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