Pay your rent in Ethereum? The project of a mad ETH owner

Parisian apartment, looking for tenant, Ethereum accepted – You probably won’t have missed it over the past few months, the explosion of various metaverses, whether The Sandbox and Decentraland to recite nobody else but them. Among the possibilities offered by these digital universes, we find the purchase of land, in exchange for cryptocurrencies of course. This time it’s about paying his rent with ethersbut for a real Parisian apartment.

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A roof over your head thanks to Ethereum

Enough to make skeptics understand that active cryptos are “digital” and concrete, and not “virtual”? In any case, the real estate advertisement published this week on the LinkedIn social network could help convince them that certain cryptocurrencies, Ethereum in this case, are to be taken seriously. Despite their detractors, an increasing number of cryptos are accepted in restaurants, cinemas, and now in real estate. And – cock-a-doodle Doo ! this is happening in France.

It’s a new kind of offer that flourished on the LinkedIn social network this week, probably a first in France, at least one of the first of its kind. Entrepreneur Stephane Boukris has announced that he is renting an apartment of 60m2 located in the 16th arrondissement. The novelty does not lie in its 13 m terrace2 in the heart of Parisbut in the rental contract… of a new kind.

Indeed, the rent Parisian is payable directly in Ethereum, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency on the market. Usually used to buy NFTs with colorful monkey heads, this time it serves as concrete currency of exchange, to pay for accommodation. And as the lessor specifies, it is indeed in Paris and not “in the metaverse”. Completely refurbished, this apartment can become your cozy nest for “only” 1 ETH per month.

Tweet by Stephane Boukris – Source: Twitter

At the current price, this is equivalent to the tidy sum of €2,750 per month to rent in the wealthy arrondissement of western Paris. Given the natural volatility of cryptocurrencies, the note can very quickly become much saltier (in euros) in the event of an increase in the active crypto. And vice versa.

It therefore remains to be seen whether the rent – denominated in ETH – will remain fixed for the duration of the rental contract, and therefore if the value in euros will be subject to market volatility. As for the terrace, it is almost certain that you will tan better there than on the one purchased in the metaverse.

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