Paris: the G7 platform suspends its Tesla Model 3 taxis after the terrible accident in the 13th arrondissement

It is a decision of great magnitude which comes after the excitement aroused by a terrible accident in Paris on Saturday evening. The G7 platform announced on Tuesday that it was suspending its Tesla Model 3 taxis as a precaution after one of its drivers, driving a vehicle of this brand, lost control and caused chaos in the 13th arrondissement. About 37 taxi drivers are affected in Île-de-France by this stop, according to G7.

According to an updated provisional report, the accident left one dead and 20 injured, three of whom are in serious condition, the Paris prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday evening, after the driver and his customers hit two pedestrians. The taxi then hit a glass container which exploded under the violence of the impact, but also a traffic light, thrown into the air.

The vehicle, the Tesla Model 3, the best-selling electric car in France since the beginning of the year, ended its race in a van in circulation in the middle of the crossroads, according to the story of the police source. We did not know the evolution of this balance sheet on Tuesday.

No problem according to Tesla

According to the manufacturer specializing in electric vehicles, Tesla, it is not a technical problem that is at the origin of this tragedy. Without having been able to examine the blacklisted vehicle, the manufacturer was nevertheless able to carry out an “initial analysis of the data” making it possible to affirm that the Tesla driven by the taxi driver had no problem. For his part, the driver of the car assured that the brake pedal would not have worked, making the vehicle uncontrollable.

The manufacturer does “no comment” at this stage on the shutdown by G7 of its Tesla taxis. A spokesperson for the American automaker also said on Tuesday that the company remained “at the disposal of the authorities” to send them the data it may have remotely on the vehicle concerned, without giving further details.

“I saw the collision between the two cars, it made a lot of noise and I thought I was going to die. My reflex was to go into the restaurant and hide under the table in front of the counter, ”said Sunday at the Parisian, a 20-year-old girl, witness to the scene. Traumatized, she did not sleep all night and made an appointment with her general practitioner on Monday. The judicial accident processing service was seized by the Paris public prosecutor’s office to carry out all the investigations.

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