“Papi” Graff featured to showcase Bernafon’s Alpha technology in Class I

Bernafon uploaded its latest home video this afternoon, always neat and full of irony, to showcase its Class I hearing aids with Alpha hybrid technology.

The clip posted on the manufacturer’s social networks – and which you can discover below – plays on the discrepancy between the anticipation of an exorbitant price for the devices and the freedom brought by the brand’s hybrid technology, now fully taken. in charge in the Alpha I version. The employees of Bernafon France, and more particularly the brand director and the marketing and communication manager, dressed up for the occasion, are once again the stars, with many nods to hearing aid professionals and to patients. With fewer adjustment options than the 9, 7 and 5 models, the miniRITE and miniBTE Alpha I nevertheless have Bluetooth LE connectivity, in particular with the EasyControl-A application.

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