Panasonic will also deliver more powerful 4680s

Panasonic, battery supplier for Tesla models has revealed that it will produce 4680 batteries that are more powerful and cheaper than models used previously. Tests will begin in March 2022. This new element will allow the Tesla car to acquire better autonomy.

After revealing its own 4680 battery model during Battery Day on September 22, Tesla will once again partner with Panasonic for the production of this new innovation. The Japanese company is expected to begin the testing phase of its new technology in March 2022.

A Tesla battery with five times the capacity

Autonomy is one of the big points that can currently hold motorists back from buying an electric vehicle. This 4680 battery is supposed to solve this problem. She would have five times more capacity than its predecessors, and would allow Tesla vehicles to last longer on the road before having to plug them into a charging station. Another strong point of this new battery, it would cost twice as expensive to production.

The 4680 battery should equip the new Tesla Model Y

So called because of its dimensions (46mmx80mm), this new type of battery will equip the next Tesla Model Y cars. Those produced by Panasonic should therefore fulfill the same function. Tesla currently uses its own 4680 for the start of sound production Y-modelwhich has already started.

Panasonic and Tesla, a 10-year love affair

This is not the first time that Tesla has partnered with Panasonic for the production of its batteries. It’s already been ten years that the Japanese company works in partnership with the brand of Elon Musk. And even if Tesla has opened up to other subcontractors for the same kind of service, Panasonic remains its main historical supplier. However, it will not produce the Tesla battery models for the standard vehicles that the manufacturer wants to launch at rock-bottom prices.

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