Publicis Media and Oreegami renew their specialized training in digital trading and launch a new recruitment campaign for the next session which will begin on April 25

Publicis Media and Oreegami are opening the doors of their training to a new promotion of 20 job seekers with a minimum of bac+2 level registered with Pôle Emploi, from diverse backgrounds and wishing to move into the digital advertising professions. They will be selected according to the following criteria: their personality, their appetite for … Read more

Global Surface Technology Services Market Opportunities and Demand by 2022 to 2031

The latest global report of Global Distributed Surface Technology Services Market delivers a comprehensive overview of the global business strategies, key producers’ enhancement plans, current state of the industry, and future expansion. Global Surface Technology Services Market research report shows the most up-to-date market insights with upcoming trends and difficulties, delivers provincial advancements with item … Read more

Take insurance in place of his son, is it a fake?

By Luc Brunclair | Published on 03/20/2022 at 19:47 A father and son are being sued for taking out insurance for each other. A common practice but which risks earning the father, already heavily sentenced in England, a year in prison. ******* ** *** ***************** ************ ****** ** * **** ** ******** ************* ** ******** … Read more

Air France share: how to invest?

Café de la Bourse put Air France-KLM under the microscope. We looked at the group’s mission and ambitions, the details of its activities and its financial performance after the announcement of Air France’s latest results. We also looked at the technical configuration of the Air France-KLM share price. Find our detailed analysis of the Air … Read more

Éric Zemmour, Reconquest candidate! : “I will set up an Innovation Booklet which will allow you to invest in an innovative company without any taxation in the event of capital gains”

MAJOR MAINTENANCE // It’s Éric Zemmour’s turn to agree to answer our questions. What future for French Tech? What strategy for entrepreneurship? What vision for France’s economic and technological sovereignty? The candidate for the right of the right reveals himself on these subjects which he rarely addresses. French Tech now has more than twenty unicorns … Read more