Alzheimer’s disease could appear following infection with the varicella zoster virus

Researchers from Tufts University in the United States present recent findings that support the hypothesis that Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by a virus. The strain in question is very common since it is the varicella zoster virus (VZV) You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] What are the differences between bacteria and viruses? They … Read more

Revolut Introduces Crypto Trading to Singapore Despite Risks of New Restrictions

Revolut has launched a cryptocurrency service in Singapore. Many companies have shown unwavering confidence in the market despite the downturn. Singapore has lately lacked clarity regarding the restrictions that are supposed to be imposed on the crypto industry. Some companies were badly hit by the bloodbath, but some continued to push ahead with their expansion … Read more

One in eight people retain one of the characteristic symptoms of long Covid for the long term, according to a study

An important step forward to better understand the effects of Covid in the long term. Among people with Covid 19, one in eight retains one of the characteristic symptoms of long Covid for the long term, shows a large study published on Friday. These symptoms include “abdominal pain, difficulty breathing and pain, muscle aches, ageusia … Read more

Postponement of second dose of monkeypox vaccine sparks controversy

Dose availability or organization problem? The decision of the Ministry of Health, Thursday, August 4, to extend the spacing between the first and second doses of vaccine against monkeypox raises questions among some experts and in the associative world. If the appointments already made should not be canceled, according to the ministry, how will this … Read more

The “resuscitation” of dead pigs, promise of progress and source of questions

Scientists succeeded on Wednesday in reviving blood circulation and the functioning, for a few hours, of cells in the bodies of deceased pigs. This medical feat is the promise of significant progress on the surgical front. But if science has never resurrected pigs, a phenomenon observed during the experiment leaves the door open to dizzying … Read more