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Contributing to the development of 100% digital media that benefits thousands of people every day is what motivates our team of developers working at La Presse. We spoke with Cécile Journeaux, N’Rick Jeanne Creantor and our intern Ashwin Saravanapavan, all three members of our team of information technology experts, to learn a little more about their journey.

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Have you ever wondered how our platforms have the capacity to broadcast live and without interruption more than 120 news items every day? Or how are the different functionalities offered to you developed? If you can consult our media daily, on the web, your mobile or your tablet, it is partly thanks to our developers. These shadow workers have a crucial role to play so that our readers can have access to news articles delivered continuously.

curious souls

“What does it eat in winter”, developers? Music, sports, cooking, reading, group outings: they have a curious nature which leads them to all sorts of interests. This is also reflected in their profession: for N’Rick Jeanne Creantor and Cécile Journeaux, it is first and foremost the thirst for knowledge and the desire to learn that guides them in their daily work. Since technology is always called upon to evolve, their responsibility is to create tools to simplify and constantly improve the platforms to help their colleagues in the publication of articles on a daily basis, and to accompany readers in their reading ritual.

“If La Presse were a mural fresco, and the journalists the painters, then we could say that we are the masons who build the wall as the work progresses and we ensure that it does not collapse! explains Cécile Journeaux, developer at La Presse since February 2022. Her work within the team consists, among other things, of maintaining and optimizing the systems used by our journalists to write and publish their articles.

Photo Martin Chamberland, La Presse

Cécile Journeaux, developer

For Cécile, joining La Presse seemed like a natural path: “I was destined to work at La Presse! Calling myself “Journeys”, did I really have a choice? she jokes. What stimulates her in her profession is being able to contribute to the impact of La Presse by facilitating the work of her colleagues and by ensuring that readers can have access to quality information using robust and modern. The one who occasionally devotes herself to singing found the right match following a work placement which opened her up to the world of technology. It was by putting herself into practice that Cécile developed an interest that prompted her to pursue her career in the field.

creative minds

Geek since childhood, computers and video games have always occupied a large place in the daily life of N’Rick Jeanne Creantor. Arrived in December 2021, after studying computer science and software engineering at UQAM, he specializes in the development of mobile applications for the iOS platform, both on smartphones and on tablets. “I participate in the maintenance and the addition of functionalities allowing readers of La Presse to stay up to date with the news from their digital devices”, he describes.

Photo Martin Chamberland, La Presse

N’Rick Jeanne Creantor, Developer

A great lover of music – he played the drums for 6 years – and of science fiction literature, our developer has been interested in digital professions for a long time. His artistic flair is also very useful to him in the context of his professional responsibilities, as he depicts mobile application development as “a perfect blend of design (user interface) and logic (program design)”. It is, among other things, this combination of elements that allows it to build tools adapted to our platforms.

School desks at La Presse

What does the daily life of an information technology professional look like? It is difficult to describe a typical day, because he is often faced with the unpredictable and must constantly be creative to find new ways of operating. For Ashwin Saravanapavan, an intern in our team from January to April 2022, it is the multitude of possibilities offered to him by his profession that turns him on. “I love having new interesting problems to solve that constantly challenge me and learning new technologies! says our intern until very recently, who recently discovered a passion for mountain biking.

Photo Martin Chamberland, La Presse

Ashwin Saravanapavan, intern developer

Mainly responsible for the La Presse website, this student at the École de technologie supérieure in Montreal is a problem-solving specialist. Imagine if a major technical incident prevented you from reading your favorite column? Ashwin made sure you didn’t miss a thing.

While the technology and digital market is booming and offers in the field abound, Ashwin chose to do his internship at La Presse. Beyond the pride of being part of a recognized organization, the media’s mission to provide access to free quality information to as many people as possible contributes to its commitment to the brand on a daily basis. “As a society, we can make more informed decisions when we share what we know. La Presse is an organization that allows us to do this. adds the young student. He concludes by stressing that he is grateful to be able to contribute to this vision, which benefits millions of individuals every day.

People who are proud of their profession, and especially colleagues that we are happy to work with!

Are you a professional or a student working in the field of information technology? Are you looking to take on stimulating challenges in an independent French-speaking organization? Our team is recruiting! Come take a look at our job offers. Who knows, you may have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues like Cécile, N’Rick or Ashwin!

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