our selection of SCI to boost your life insurance

With the rise of civil property companies in many life insurance contracts, investors are finding a profitable alternative to euro funds, which are less and less profitable.

You have probably noticed this if you have a life insurance contract: the return on funds in euros is drastically reduced (see Comparison of the performance of more than 130 life insurance contracts). “From 5% 20 years ago, it fell to 3% 10 years ago and it now fluctuates around 1%, remarks Jérémy Schorr, commercial director of the broker Primaliance. Remuneration has been divided by 5 in 20 years. »

To improve the performance of their contracts, more and more savers are turning to the real estate supports available in life insurance in the form of units of account (UC). The most common are real estate investment companies (SCPIs) eligible for life insurance and, to a lesser extent, real estate collective investment organizations (OPCIs). Recently, a third category has emerged: civil real estate companies (SCI), sometimes also called SC, for civil companies. A semantic difference…

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