Ornate. The health insurance fund is committed to the issue of disability

Bruno Libert (left), Chairman of the CPAM Council and Matthieu Frélaut, Director of the CPAM. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Bruno Liberty was unanimously re-elected Chairman of the Board of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) de l’Orne, Thursday 28 April. A second term for this man whose ambitions for the CPAM, a health organization, are not lacking.

Overcoming a health crisis

Over the past two years, the role of CPAM was “unavoidable”, recalls its president.

In 2021, in Orne, the organization has reimbursed “more than a billion euros, including 105 million euros linked to the health crisis”. The cost of vaccines and tests is included in this additional cost. But also the work stoppages, that represent €39m. €7 million were dedicated to the partial compensation of professional losses which had to cease their activities during this period.

“We have gone beyond our traditional role, following the approach of the “move towards”by being at the service of the people of Ornais”, explains Bruno Liberty. “Our teams carried out an action with the municipal center of Courteille by contacting the inhabitants by telephone and calling on them to be vaccinated”. Other actions have been taken towards over 65 and unvaccinated people identified as fragile.

The CPAM has also been present with its users, through “contact tracing”. The goal: for each case of Covid-19, contact patient 0 and his contact cases to inform them of the steps to follow. “Steps that are still in place,” says the president.

A trend towards dematerialization

The dynamic launched by this rather special period has left its mark. “Today nine out of ten contacts are dematerialized”, explains Mathieu Frelautdirector of the Orne CPAM since 2016.

More and more appointments are made by telephone “to prevent people from traveling for nothing”.

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In 2019 already, the CPAM organized the 1st fair of online procedures in the Orne. A second edition of Orne connect» will take place at Flers, Wednesday October 12, to “present the dematerialized platforms so that everyone can have access to them”. The representatives of the CPAM do not want to leave anyone aside, while continuing to innovate.

However, the CPAM maintains a “strong policy of physical reception” on its four permanent sites. (Alençon, Argentant, Flers and the Eagle)“especially for people who are not very comfortable with digital technology”.

The organization also relies on 18 houses France service of the Ornewhere users are welcomed as close as possible to their homes.

Access to rights and care

“Our basic mission is to give rights”, emphasizes Bruno Liberty .

Almost 14% of people in the Orne do not have a doctor. Several causes at the origin of this problem: remoteness, financial problems, transport, unavailability of doctors (medical desert)…

The CPAM set up a cell for people who have given up on their careand accompany them. The goal: to explain their rights to them, to help them make appointments…

“Here again, we are going towards”, supports Matthieu Frelaut . Especially in the direction of precarious people. If 24,500 Ornais benefit from the Complementary solidarity health (C2S), many people “don’t even know it exists”, regrets the director. “We are working with associations on this issue”.

Similarly, the CPAM seeks to make public the personalized health support mission (MISAS), which helps people with social insurance in a situation of renunciation of treatment. 300 people each year are supported by this commission, until the treatment is carried out.

The Jacob Charter

“The CPAM of Orne wants to be innovative” insists Bruno Liberty.“We have the will to go beyond the classic operation. » In particular on the question of accessibility to care for people with disabilities . “The structure has to fit in with their needs instead of wanting them to fit into the structure. »

The upcoming signing of the Romain Jacob charter illustrates this intention. The latter proposes twelve ways to improve access to care for people living with a disability, such as “enhancing the image that the person perceives of himself” or “facilitating and developing access to outpatient care”. .

It is a real commitment that we make.

Bruno Liberty

To ensure that professionals comply with the charter, people with disabilities are invited to complete a satisfaction questionnaireafter their meeting. Created bythe Handidactic association, it monitors the progress and effectiveness of the charter. “I will bring this project to the other presidents of Normandy,” says Bruno Libert.

“We want to raise awareness among our staff and all health professionals”, agree the representatives of the CPAM.

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