Optimize cash flow and life insurance with an immediate financing plan

  1. Purchasing life insurance now, which can negatively impact their liquidity and cash flow;
  2. Purchasing inadequate life insurance protection and failing to ensure adequate security for loved ones.

The immediate funding solution is a loan product that allows whole life policyholders to borrow 100% of their premiums each year. The benefit is two-fold: customers can purchase additional life insurance – either to protect loved ones or to structure their estate – and borrow the full amount to access cash.

This webinar, Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 1 p.m. (ET), will cover product details and use cases in depth, as well as other RV borrowing options that may be more suitable for some borrowers. Advisors will find that an IFP is a valuable tool for deepening client relationships and growing their client base!

Participate : Christelle NguidjoiDirector of Business Development for Quebec and Eastern Ontario, Equitable Bank

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