Optimism takes action against airdrop farmers and removes 17,000 addresses

Optimism removes addresses eligible for its airdrop

Optimismthe third largest overlayer (layer 2) of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in terms of total value locked (TVL) and which works through the technology ofOptimistic Rolluphas just taken a measurement against the “farmers” of airdrops.

“Optimism is for the people, not for the sybils [NDLR : les personnes ayant créé plusieurs comptes]. We carefully analyzed Airdrop #1 looking for sybil attackers who slipped through the cracks. We are happy to report that we have removed an additional 17,000 sybils addresses and recovered over 14 million OPs. Bye bye sybils! »

In other words, Optimism has made the decision to remove 17,000 addresses eligible for its future “OP” token airdrop. And for good reason, these would include people trying to take advantage of the airdrop system by carrying out transactions from several different wallets.

The team behind layer 2 clarified that the tokens that were originally intended to be sent to these addresses, i.e. 140 million, will be redistributed among the other wallets selected.

Optimism officially announced on April 26 that 250,000 addresses would be eligible for the future distribution of the tokenwhich is slated for late May or late June, according to a contributor on Optimism’s Discord server.

Therefore 5% of the total OP tokens will be distributed on this occasion, and an additional 14% will be distributed through future airdrops. The rest will be distributed to various ecosystem contributors as well as private investors.

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