One of the oldest developers of Bitcoin, just had them all… stolen!

Vanity and conceit are great faults.

To think that we in our corner are smarter than all the smart guys and other little cryptocurrency geniuses is very pretentious.

A generally fatal claim when it comes to money and business!

The example of Luke Dashjr, an original Bitcoin developer who loses all his bitcoins, is as instructive as it is important to remember.

A tough start to the year for Luke Dashjr. One of Bitcoin’s original developers and one of the most prominent people in the community has just announced that almost all of his BTC had been stolen.

“Luke Dashjr announced the news on his Twitter account late yesterday. He then explained that he had lost “a lot” of his bitcoins (BTC) and asked the community for help:

Part of the funds would have been sent to the CoinJoin mixer, which allows transactions to be anonymized. In an update a few hours later, Luke Dashjr also confirmed that it would be all of his BTC holdings that were stolen. The published addresses show that 213.6 bitcoins were transferred, which corresponds to the current price of a sum of 3.5 million dollars”.

And yes, him, the crypto pro just got screwed, so you know, of course I don’t understand the beauty of it, but what I do know is that the vast majority of investors and speculators in crypto do not understand much about what they are doing and especially what others make them do. And when one of the sector’s technical stars is screwed, it should serve as a warning signal and warning to those who are clearly “less strong” than him, which is completely my business.

Charles SANNAT

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