on Instagram, a Bordelaise recounts her fight against anorexia

Here’s the first look…

That’s it for the first look. But under his avatar, this mention “TCA fighter” (Editor’s note, person fighting against eating disorders). Behind this staging hides the disease that the young woman faces. In her posts, she says nothing about this anorexia that has been eating away at her for fifteen years. “I’m not cured yet, even if I’m much better,” she said, admitting to still suffering from “normal weight anorexia” (51 kg for 1.70). “Today, I survive. I sometimes indulge myself but always with a lot of guilt. »

First diets in adolescence

Her battle, she leads it by looking at the path taken. “The trigger does not exist, it is rather a progressive awareness. “A long fight that the young Bordelaise, originally from Perpignan, leads with lucidity, without being afraid to pronounce the word “mental illness”. She remembers the starting point. This precocious puberty that she did not accept, and the first diets around 12-13 years old. Then, “just after high school, I wanted to become a sports coach so I could eat whatever I wanted. I was doing 35 hours of sport a week! I was in a self-destructive, completely depressed reward system. »

In 2015, Taïna drastically reduced her calorie intake and weighed all her food to the nearest grammage. “I had a feeling of absolute hypercontrol, it was my refuge. I wrote down everything I ate in apps on my smartphone. We note a weight goal and we are told the quantity of food to ingest: it is devastating…”

Relapse during confinement

After a stabilization phase, confinement in 2020 precipitates it towards a new relapse. Violent. His weight plummets to 44 kg. “I was on my own, I wanted to control everything. My fridge and cupboards had to be empty. To save my relationship, I took refuge with my parents. »

Back in Bordeaux, she will be followed for several months in a specialized service at the CHU Haut-Lévêque, until she passes “a milestone”, thanks to the help of a psychiatrist, a dietician and a psychomotrician. And carried by “the unwavering support” of what she calls “her Instagram community”, where she shares her illness.

Social networks which she also underlines the ambivalence. “I see very famous influencers every day encouraging people to exercise to lose weight. But we have to do it to be healthy. »

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