“On a large scale”, the work on the reform of crop insurance continues

Pending the announcement of the resignation of the government and the reshuffle that will follow, the implementation of a new insurance system continues rue de Varenne to deal with the increasing climatic hazards.


Surprisingly, the wine sector expected it: from presidential elections to legislative elections, hot issues seem to be left on the table warmer until a new service begins. Among the questions burning the lips of the winegrowers: where is the process of drafting the ordinances activating the establishment of the new agricultural harvest insurance? “It is in progress, and the first elements should soon be able to be presented to professionals” indicates a source at the Ministry of Agriculture, recalling that the executive has a maximum period of six months after the promulgation of the law (adopted on March 2).

Currently, arbitrations are not made on the intervention thresholds of the new system. The system has three stages: up to a first level of crop loss the farmer must equip himself with a climate risk reduction tool, from a second stage of damage, there is coverage by an insurance contract and beyond a third level, there is the intervention of state aid to absorb the hard knocks. Requested by the wine sector to redefine the Olympic average (very unfavorable to producers with the succession of climatic hazards: frost, hail, drought, etc.), the opening of the international agreements of Marrakech would only be studied in a second stage, because “the reform will be effective without this change: it was designed as such” indicates the same source to the Ministry of Agriculture, adding that a report will be made to parliament on the effectiveness of this reform to validate the effectiveness of the device.

Entry into force on January 1, 2023

Waiting, “the technical work is very extensive” we hear rue Varenne, adding that “the ministries are fully mobilized, as evidenced by the many technical meetings that have already taken place since the beginning of the year with the entire ecosystem”. Despite the extent of the consensus to be obtained (between sectors, insurers and public authorities), “the Government’s objective is for the reform to come into force on January 1, 2023”

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