office closed “due to insecurity”

In a press release, Laurent Priet, candidate of the Democratic Independent Workers’ Party (POID) in the legislative elections in the first constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine (Rennes sud) denounces the closure of the branch of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM). ) of the Villejean district (read Ouest-France of May 24, 2022).

This is not the first time that an elected official or residents have expressed fears about the maintenance of the “Safety” in the neighborhood. The reasons for the recent closure of the premises, for the moment temporarily, are unfortunately not new either.

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“We were forced to close the premises, which were rented to Espacil, rue du Bourdonnais, because we could no longer ensure the safety of the staff”, explains Chrystele Le Bihan, deputy director of the Primary Health Insurance Fund of Ille-et-Vilaine (CPAM 35). Drug trafficking, threats, insults and projectiles launched from the floors of the building got the better of the peace of mind of CPAM staff, but not only.

“Since the beginning of April, our branch in Villejean has been in charge of the opening of social security rights for Ukrainian refugees, because the site is close to the Beauregard prefecture, which issues residence permits. We work in partnership with the Red Cross and Coallia. » A member of this social assistance and support association, which works on accommodation, social promotion for all, the reception of vulnerable people, but also the reception of asylum seekers, was therefore present in the local CPAM 35, “as well as three or four Red Cross volunteers who facilitated the arrival of Ukrainian families to our branch in Villejean”.

For two years, the CPAM of Villejean had however already closed several times, “because the teams were and still are mobilized by the Covid crisis, with contact tracing (monitoring of positive patients and chains of contamination), work stoppages. Other branches also had to close over the same period…emphasizes Chrystele Le Bihan. In Villejean, we had reopened since March 2022, two days a week, by appointment. But there are three other places of physical reception in Rennes, without a compulsory appointment, in Maurepas, in the Henri-Fréville district and near the SNCF station (temporary relocated reception, that of the tower of the esplanade Charles- de-Gaulle being closed for works)”.

Will the Villejean branch reopen? “Not in the same places. We are in discussion with the landlord Espacil, to find another place in the neighborhood, assures the deputy director of CPAM 35. We are open to any proposal for rehousing in the area, why not at the Espace social commun, which is located just opposite the current premises. »

reindeer. Health insurance in Villejean: office closed “due to insecurity”

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