NiceHash Outsmarts Nvidia’s Anti-Cryptomining Technology

NiceHash mining software is now able to unlock all the cryptocurrency mining performance of Nvidia’s latest GPUs equipped with its Lite Hash Rate technology.

The cryptocurrency boom has put gamers and virtual asset miners in strong competition. Not only have virtual currency miners siphoned off the graphics card market, but the limited availability of these cards has been exacerbated by chip shortages, driving up retail prices by 200-300%. A situation which resellers have taken advantage of on the sly for some time. Now, as the market begins to normalize, a mining rig claims to have found a way around Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate (LHR) virtual asset mining throttling system. According to NiceHash, its QuickMiner software now runs at 100% capacity on RTX cards equipped with the LHR system.

If an LHR graphics card is used for virtual currency mining, Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate system artificially halves the GPU’s hash rate, which is to say cripples it, so it’s no longer profitable to use it for this purpose. This isn’t the first time people have claimed to have found a way around the system, but nothing reliable has emerged so far. By all accounts, NiceHash’s QuickMiner software works, to the point of making mining profitable on the latest line of high-powered Nvidia cards. All RTX cards manufactured from May 2021 are equipped with the LHR limiter, from the RTX 3050 up to the RTX 3080 Ti. Note that the Founders Edition cards are not affected, in particular, the RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti cards (sold respectively around 2200 and 2500 € HT approximately) are not equipped with the limiter.

A transfer to AMD cards to be expected

Obviously, this is good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and a boon for resellers who had to switch to AMD alternatives to meet market expectations. But for the players, this announcement sounds a return to a previous situation. More than two years after the card shortage began, plummeting demand for Nvidia cards has brought prices almost back to normal. Fortunately, the situation should work out. Not only does the boom in virtual currencies and NFTs finally seem to be running out of steam, but a latest generation of graphics cards is about to hit the market. Indeed, Nvidia and AMD should deliver their next cards towards the end of the year or soon after, which should shift demand to the newer models. We can therefore hope, finally, that the generation of current cards, whose GPU technology dates back several years, will be a little more accessible.

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