NFL player Damar Hamlin in ‘critical’ condition after collapsing on field

The pictures, horrible, inevitably remind me of Christian Eriksen’s pictures. Buffalo NFL player Damar Hamlin was in “critical” condition Monday night after collapsing on the field. The meeting between the Bills and the Bengals, which had just started, was canceled.

Damar Hamlin, who plays “safety” in the defense of the Bills, suffered a severe shock in the chest by stopping the “wide receiver” of the Bengals, Tee Higgins, who was fired at full speed. Hamlin, 24, got up first before collapsing, falling backwards, likely suffering a heart attack.

kneeling prayers

The emergency services tried to revive him for about twenty minutes on the ground. His teammates, some in tears, prayed on one knee. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow hugged Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen.

“Hamlin received immediate care on the ground by (his team) and paramedics. He was then transported to a nearby hospital where he is in critical condition,” the NFL announced.

His marketing agent and friend, Jordon Rooney, gave on Twitter encouraging news which had not been confirmed by the hospital on Monday night. According to him, Damar Hamlin was placed in an induced coma and intubated, but his vital signs were “back to normal”.

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