News | Monkey pox in Marseille: AP-HM confirms

A case of infection with the Monkepox virus (monkey pox) has been diagnosed in a hospital professional, the management of the AP-HM has just indicated in a press release, confirming our information this morning.

Currently isolated, he is doing well“, indicates the AP-HM which specifies that “lPeople who have been in close contact with this patient have been identified and are receiving information from the health authorities on what to do“.

Consultations with occupational medicine have been opened to identified personnel. Objective: to clarify the risks of exposure and to offer those who wish it the vaccine against smallpox. Nevertheless, “based on current information, the likelihood of contamination to other personnel is considered negligible“, adds the AP-HM. Finally, given the precautions applied by the professional (wearing gloves and a mask), “no patient is considered at risk of transmission“.

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