New technology makes eating less salty

The only condition: knowing how to handle chopsticks.

Meiji University has developed connected chopsticks that alter perceived taste by means of mild electrical stimulation on the tongue.

We are not talking about an electric shock, of course… Depending on whether there is more or less sodium chloride ionsone has the impression that a food is more or less salty. If we play on the ions of sodium glutamate, we will have in this case a sweet feeling.

The experiment was conducted with 36 volunteers who were fitted with a small box attached to the wrist and connected to the connected wands. To judge the salty sensation, two gels with different salt content (0.80% for the first and 0.56% for the second) were used. The guinea pigs felt that the salty flavor was so important with the lower sodium gel.

This is not the first time that this Japanese university has deployed such surprising technological innovations. One of his teachers, Homei Miyashita, hit the headlines in 2021 with the invention of a screen that reproduced the taste of food and that you could lick…

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