New evidence against Noël Le Graët as part of a Radio France investigation

Increasingly in trouble, Noël Le Graët is the subject of an investigation by Radio France’s investigative unit. While the president of the FFF this Tuesday afternoon will be heard for the second time by the audit mission responsible for highlighting the malfunctions of the FFF and the suspicion of sexual harassment that weighs on him at the institution, colleagues confirm that several women testified against him. A former employee thus mentioned to the inspectors an official trip by plane, during which “Noël Le Graët put his hand on his thigh”, “his wish that I put on a skirt during the trip” and “his assistant’s recommendations not to accept an appointment with him after lunch because he is an alcoholic”.

Another testimony, also made by a former manager, evokes messages that are certainly not illegal, but which raise questions given the hierarchical connection that existed between them. They are invitations to dinner, messages that end with ” I kiss you “. This woman also spoke about the repeated calls received “after 10pm, or even 11pm.”. The conclusions of the audit of the federal management are expected at the end of January.


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