Netflix: Like Mandalorian, Far From The Ringroad Uses Revolutionary Technology

Available on Netflix, “Loin du périph” marks the return of Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte in a comic duo that marked French screens in 2012. This sequel, even more supercharged, uses new technology. Details.

The most unlikely duo of French police returns. Ten years after the surprise success of On the other side of the ring road – more than 2 million admissions -, Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte find themselves in the sequel, Far from the ring road. Ousmane and François team up once again to investigate a strange murder that will lead them to a small town in the Alps.

This second part pushes the sliders even further and at all levels, especially on the action side. The filmmaker David Charhon – who had signed the first opus – leaves his place to Louis Leterrier. The latter, who leads his career in the United States, is well known for his sense of the epic and the spectacular. He made, among other things, Clash of the Titans, Elusive and will even be at the controls of Fast X, the tenth episode of the franchise Fast and Furiousexpected for 2023.

For the purposes of the many chases, the director insisted on using a new special effects technology: LED volumes – simply nicknamed The Volume in Hollywood. The principle ? Do without green screens – sometimes very visible – during action sequences. Instead, the team opts for a huge semi-circular LED screen that can go up to 360°. A technology already used in the series The Mandalorian, but also The Batman by Matt Reeves.

far from the ring road is the first French film to exploit it. “It’s a brilliant technology that, together with drones and small digital cameras, has pushed cinema forwardpoints out Louis Leterrier in the press kit. Five years ago, a film like this would have cost triple, and we wouldn’t have gotten everything we wanted.

The rendering is stunning and brings more realism to the background. “On a green screen, it’s very complicated to have the right movement and the tension of the stunt in addition to that of the comedyprecise Omar Sy. Thanks to this new technology, at 360°, and to the system of jacks, we had the feeling of being in the car while being in total safety.

The LED screen is visible at the very end of the film, when the character of Laurent Lafitte shoots a commercial. The opportunity for Louis Leterrier to show behind the scenes to the spectators.

On the other side of the Atlantic, this method is becoming popular. The fourth installment of the adventures of Thor, Thor: Love And Thunder, will be the first Marvel film to use this technology.

far from the ring road is available on Netflix.

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