Neoland, the “Play and Earn” game that connects blockchain and real estate with NFTs

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Neoland, Monopoly in augmented reality

We’ve all played a game of Monopoly, the iconic game whose goal is to invest in real estate. We find nowadays this type of investment in Web 3.0 with various metaverses, but they are not necessarily related to reality.

This is where a game based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain comes in: Neoland. The idea behind this game is to link blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with physical locations. Players will thus be able to acquire plots called ” neoland “, and generate revenue from these.

To do this, people who own land in the Neoland universe will be able to build buildings and organize events to increase the activity of their land and therefore their potential passive income.

Figure 1: Image of the Neoland game

Developped by the Lyon-based development studio Revolt Gamesthe latter managed to lift 2.5 million euros in September 2021. Funds have been raised from French investors, including Level-Up, Bpifrance and several business angels such as Thibaud Elzière, Hubert Thieblot, Eduardo Ronzano and Julien Romanetto.

The use of NFTs: the heart of Neoland

First, they allow to authenticate the ownership of a piece of land. So they can be bought or traded on various platforms the Solana ecosystem like Fractal, Magical Eden or Solanart.

Additionally, they offer a right of governance to decide the direction the game will take, as well as the organization of various events.

A group of 11 Neolands owners will be able to become members of the “ Neoconsulting “, an organization whose objective is to choose the various projects submitted by other users. These will then be voted by owners whether or not they are made in the game, but also to decide on the next country where Neoland will expand.

Neoland: the new game powered by Neopolis

The mobile game that can be considered a free version of Neoland is Neopolis. What is the Location-based MMORPG allows you to acquire buildings from the real world and improve them.

With over 1.5 million downloadstogether 150,000 players connected each month in France and the United KingdomNeopolis is the gateway to its Web 3.0 version.

The link that unites the two games is important, since they are the activities of Neopolis players that define the income of plot owners on Neoland. In sum, the more players that pass through a district, the more the owner of this district will obtain rewards.

It will therefore be important for a Neoland owner to develop virtual events on its land in order to to increase its attractiveness and thus gather as many players as possible to increase your income.

An economy at the service of users

The Revolt Games studio wishes develop the economy of the universe of Neoland and set up fair revenue sharing with players.

For it, revenue generated on Neopolis via microtransactions and ads will be shared according to player location with the owners of the different lands.

The various businesses located on these sites will also be able to participate in the Neoland ecosystem. Indeed, if the latter wish to obtain an advertisement using the game, they can pay so that their building appears there. The owner of the land will therefore receive additional compensation.

Neopolis Neoland interactions

Figure 2: Interactions between Neopolis and Neoland for revenue generation

the secondary market NFTs linked to Neoland will also occupy an important place, since an owner will have the possibility of increasing the capacities of his lands, so that their value increases proportionally. Thus, the players will therefore be able to opt for the purchase of an initially unattractive Neoland, for make a profit for resale after have made adjustments on the latter.

Finally, future video games also based on location that will be developed by Revolt Games will also benefit land owners on Neolandsince the revenue from these new games will also be shared with them. Something to thank the players who invested early in the project.

To get an overview of the Neoland game, here is its trailer:

An upcoming release of NFTs

For the spring 2022Neoland will create 10,000 “ land pass “. These NFTs will be used to join a waiting list to choose your plot on the map. Thus, the person who has a Landpass whose number is at the top of the list will choose his land among the first.

This first exit will make it possible to obtain land in France only, but more countries are planned to be added in the future. Landpass prices are relatively accessiblesince it will be 25 dollars in SOL tokens during the presale in April.

For the most impatient, a treasure hunt will take place soon in Neopolis. This event taking place in this free game is the perfect opportunity to hope to have priority access to Landpass salessince temples will be hidden across the game map. Finding these temples allows you to collect “ Community tokens “, who can be exchanged for a Landpass.

This token does not guarantee obtaining a Landpass if the stocks run out too quickly, but it nevertheless offers the possibility to access the sale 3 hours before the general public. These temples will also make it possible to highlight collaborations between Neoland and other projects present on the Solana blockchain.

Temple Fractal

Figure 3: Example of a temple resulting from the collaboration with Fractal on Neopolis

Other additions over time

Besides adding various countries and events that will be voted on by the community, the developers are planning to add their token within Neoland during the 4th quarter of 2022. This token which will bear the name of NCOIN (Neoland Coin) will be essential, since it will serve as the basis for the remuneration of landowners. It is also important to mention that this cryptocurrency can be exchanged to get SOL tokens.

For the longer term, Neoland should have a mechanism for splitting and merging plots. This will allow owners to enlarge their assets little by little or to sell part of their property, but also to make rural areas more attractivewhile allowing to bring liquidity to more populated cities.

Conclusion on the Neoland blockchain game

Neoland is a “Play and Earn” game that promises to create a universe combining gaming, real estate and blockchain.

The Revolt Games team also wants greatly develop the social aspect with the opening to guilds, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in order to increase the rewards of the owners while increasing the attractiveness of the Neopolis game.

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