Nantes will continue to defend their title, Monaco and Nice surprised

Rodez eliminates Monaco!

Another huge sensation in the Coupe de France! AS Monaco, leading by two goals, were eliminated by Ligue 2 club Rodez.

Thaon eliminates Amiens

Thaon eliminate Amiens on penalties. It is a new feat on this day in the Coupe de France.

Golovin misses the match point

What a miss from Golovin who completely misses his shot as he had the qualifier on the end of his foot.

Thaon and Monaco take a break

Amiens missed, as did Rodez. Monaco and Thaon concede their penalty and make the break.

Didillon saves

The first missed penalty in the penalty shootout in Monaco is due to the Rodez players. Didillon stops.

1-1 in Monaco

The first two shooters were not wrong in Monaco. Ben Yedder and Abdenour converted.

Two penalty shootouts

There are therefore two penalty shootouts during this multiplex at 18:00: Monaco v Rodez and Amiens v Thaon.

Thaon and Amiens go to penalties

Amiens are pushed into the penalty shootout after conceding a goalless draw against amateur club Thaon.

Nantes continue to defend their title

Defending champions FC Nantes will continue to defend their Coupe de France after qualifying against amateur club Vire.

Plabennec wins the Breton derby

Plabennec continues the adventure in the Coupe de France after a success against its Breton neighbour, Vannes (2-0).

Rodez pressures Monaco on penalties

Despite a two-goal lead, AS Monaco will go into penalty kicks on their home turf against Ligue 2 residents Rodez.

Niort is also qualified

Ligue 2 clubs have a good end to the day. In addition to Annecy, Niort also made it to the round of 16 after a big win on Granville’s lawn (3-0).

Annecy quietly joins the 16th

No feat for Regional 1 club Villerupt Thil, who suffered the wrath of Annecy, a Ligue 2 club (1-6).

Le Puy-en-Velay eliminates Nice

This is the second big surprise of the day! OGC Nice, finalist last season, is eliminated by the national club, Puy-en-Velay.

Three minutes additional time at Le Puy-en-Velay

Le Puy-en-Velay is close to a monumental achievement. Three more minutes are announced in this meeting against Nice.

Didillon saves ASM

What a thrill for Louis II! Thomas Didillon saves AS Monaco from an attempt from Clément Depres.

Plabennec takes the break

The joy is enormous in Plabennec. The Breton club took a break against their Vannes neighbour.

Abdenour punishes his former club

Incredible scenery in Louis II! Rodez recovered from their two-goal deficit and Abdenour gave his team the equalizer against AS Monaco.

Another huge opportunity for Nice

The Puy-en-Velay keeper keeps his side in front against an OGC Nice side who are trying everything to get back up to par.

Niort stands out completely

The Ligue 2 side kick off on Granville’s turf thanks to a third goal signed by Merdji.

Annecy continues its health walk

Access continues to increase in Villerupt Thil. Annecy has just added a sixth goal and leads 6-1 against the Regional 1 team.

Eliesse Ben Seghir stands out

The young Monegasque hunk makes a good hook before following up with a powerful shot, but the Rodez keeper pushes back for a corner.

Didillon saves Monaco

Didillon saves AS Monaco thanks to an outstanding kick save. Ligue 1 players are still not definitively safe.

What a dumpling from the Granville keeper

It’s terrible! The Granville keeper completely misses his recovery and that allows Niortais to take the break.

Laborde misses his shot

Nice try everything to return to Puy-en-Velay, but newcomer Gaetan Laborde misses his shot completely. The clock is ticking and the Aiglons still can’t make it.

Annecy continues to unfold

The Savoyard team just added a fifth goal on the turf of the Villerupt Thil team, who are living a nightmare tonight.

The post for Nice

Nothing smiles at OGC Nice on the lawn of Puy-en-Velay! Thuram hits the post. The Aiglons are always behind.

Granville is reduced to 10

Just after the Niort goal, Granville are reduced to 10 after a tackle from behind by Buon.

Guessand walks around and takes a break

The defending champion is closing in on the 16th at the Vira turf thanks to an individual goal from Evan Guessand.

Niort opens the scoring

The Ligue 2 residents end up taking the lead at Granville’s turf thanks to a goal from Olaitan.

What a save for Rodez

Akliouche was not far from scoring a double, but a defender from Rodez saves his team on his line.

Thaon ends at 10 o’clock

Thaon’s captain, Wilfried Rother, is sent off for a very dangerous tackle on an Amiens player.

What a save from the Niort keeper!

The Niort goalkeeper saves his team right after returning from the dressing room. Granville almost played a bad trick on the Ligue 2 resident.

Here we go again on the 7 lawns

Kick-off of the second period has just been given on the 7 lawns at this time. 18.00 multiplex of the 32nd final of the Coupe de France.

It’s halftime on the 7 lawns

The end of the first period was whistled on the 7 lawns of this multiplex. Here are the sensational results:

OF Virois-Nantes: 0-1

Monaco-Rodez: 2-1

Le Puy-en-Velay-Nice: 1-0

Granville-Niort: 0-0

Villerupt Thil-Annecy: 1-4

Thaon-Amiens: 0-0

Plabennec – Vannes: 1-0

Rodez closes the gap

The Ligue 2 club completely revived on Monaco’s turf thanks to a superb header from Mendes.

Pallois must give way

Antoine Kombouaré prefers not to take any risks and brings on the injured Nicolas Pallois.

Concern about Pallois

After twisting his knee, concern grew around Nicolas Pallois. The healers are with him.

Ben Yedder takes a break

AS Monaco took on Rodez and scored a second goal through their captain Wissam Ben Yedder.

Lemina can’t straighten up

On a free kick at the far post, Mario Lemina dives to correct the course of the ball, but it is too short.

Plabennec unblocks the situation

The Breton derby is currently turning in Plabennec’s favor thanks to a goal from a corner after half an hour.

Villerupt Thil ends at 10 o’clock

Villerupt Thil continues to live a nightmare. The right side, Joachim Milla, is excluded after a tackle that cannot be mastered at all.

Villerupt breaks completely

The Region 1 club sinks totally against Annecy, who have just added a 4th goal on Villerupt Thil’s lawn.

Nantes opens the scoring

FC Nantes opened the scoring thanks to a goal from Mostafa Mohamed after a ball was poorly cleared by the goalkeeper.

OGC Nicely close to cracking a second time

What an opportunity for Puy-en-Velay against OGC Nice, who have had several chances since the start of the match.

Monaco move on!

AS Monaco opened the scoring against Rodez with a powerful strike from Akliouche following a fine pass from Gelson Martins.

Annecy pauses again

After a billiard shot on the surface of the Villerupt Thil team, Annecy made the break again thanks to Mendy.

Rescue on the line!

Annecy came very close to regaining a two-goal lead, but the captain of Villerupt-Thil saved his team.

Villerupt Thil is revived

The Regional 1 club completely revived against Annecy thanks to a goal from Dalil from the penalty spot.

Annecy is already taking a break

The evening promises to be complicated for the amateur club Villerupt Thil. Annecy doubled the lead after a quarter of an hour through Temanfo.

Goal disallowed for Amiens

Amiens looked to open the scoring but their goal was disallowed because the Amiens striker had lifted a defender from the Thaon team.

Blas close to opening the scoring

FC Nantes had the opportunity to take the lead against Vire. Ludovic Blas strikes on goal, but the Virois keeper saves his side.

What a miss from Nice

Pepe is certainly wondering how he hit the post. There was no longer a goalkeeper on his line, but the Nice striker touched the post. Le Puy is still in front against the Ligue 1 resident.

Pajot opens the scoring for Annecy!

Vincent Pajot opens the scoring for Annecy on a good ball back. Villerupt Thil is behind.

Annecy gets a big chance

Villerupt Thil was hot. The Region 1 team saves its camp on its line.

Ben Fredj opens the scoring!

The first impression of this multiplex! Le Puy-en-Velay opened the scoring against Nice with an excellent strike from Ben Fredj.

Let’s go !

The match multiplex at 18.00 is launched! On the bill are seven games including defending champions FC Nantes, OGC Nice and AS Monaco.

The composition of the opponent of Nice

Here is the Puy-en-Velay team composed by Roland Vieira and his assistant Florent Balmont for the reception of Nice: Millieras – Seba, Guyot, M’Bemba – Baal, Bouriaud, Elogo, N’Diaye – Rivera, Ben Fredj , Singers.

Nantes’ opponent in the warm-up

AF Virois, who face defending Coupe de France champions FC Nantes, are currently warming up less than half an hour from kick-off.

The Monegasque composition against Rodez

Here is the starting line-up for the Monegasques to host Rodez: Didillon – Aguilar, Disasi, Sarr, Jakobs – Magassa, Matazo, Minamino, Gelson Martins – Akliouche, Ben Yedder.

The composition of OGC Nice

Here’s the Nice starting lineup moving on the Puy-en-Velay turf: Schmeichel – Mendy, Dante (cap.), Bard – Brahimi, Lemina, Thuram, Diop – Pepe, Barkley.

Nantes starting lineup

Here is the starting line-up for the defending champion with some great people: Descamps – Centonze, Castelletto, Pallois, Corchia – Doucet, Moutoussamy – Guessand, Blas, Simon – Mohamed.

good night everyone

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